Somes Reviews ...


"I'm speachless... These songs are magic, epic, perfect! Congrats, with all my respect!"


"Amazing, my ears are smiling!"

"I must say i had my doubts when i started to listen, but after the first second my doubt washed away. The soundscape that opened up is amazing. The track "Cavern of time" is a harmonic and well shaped, i just love that track. In all its a really great work, well done, do more!"



"Stirringly adventurous arrangements with a sensitive approach to harmony and cadence. The brevity of the pieces suggests this is a sampler work designed to create interest in something bigger. Hopefully you do have more of this planned!"


"Lovely and Beautiful"

I love the music and I... well I love everything about it. I would love to use some of what you have for my story animations that art about fatacy and magical creatures.


"All the Songs are great"

Very professional sounding and exciting music. I only wish some of the songs were longer because the treat is too brief when the songs come up in my playlist.


"Really great music"

This is a great music and it sounds like a very classically kingdom music in the middle age ^_^ I really love such great Soundtrack music because whenever I hear it, I get some inspiration to write my own story !



I'm listening to your albums for the first time, starting from the last one (this) and it's really beautiful :) I'll listen carefully to all your previous albums and post a review :) Don't stop working with such music, you're very tallented :)


"Awesome music"

Butterfly Tea, I have to hand it two you. You are a true master of the art of instrumental music. Keep up the good work.



Songs that are definitely a great work to devote to visuals and soundtracks. Artist very prepared composition. Evocative and full of epic atmosphere and fantastic. Great musical work. Excellent and very beautiful music.


"Marvelous soundtrack"

I love Butterfly Tea music - always entrancing, enticing, marvelous and creative. Your music stirs me and I never tire from listening to your creative orchestrations!